Our method of teaching

Music lessons with professional classical musians

Our method of teaching is based on pedagogical principals inherent to the Russian Music School of Performance.  This system frees each student talent and mind to make music in a total body-process utilizing both mind and ear. Dedicate application of  this method focus each student’s ability to:— analyze music, thus creating the ability for “self-correction”— perform music of increasing difficulty— perform music from memory with greater confidence.This method allows the student to perform based on a coordinated concept of movement, reaction, and attention—thus resulting in a performance based on a synergistic relationship of mind and body. Application of this method develops an innate sense of musical taste.
Our purpose is to create a new generation of musicians that will appreciate and enjoy classical music. To enrich the lives of the adult student with classical music, thus allowing for an active participation in the musical social life of the community.

After Violin recital