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Our method of teaching is based on pedagogical principals inherent to the Russian Music School of Performance.  This system frees each student talent and mind to make music in a total body-process utilizing both mind and ear. Dedicate application of  this method focus each student’s ability to:
— analyze music, thus creating the ability for “self-correction”
— perform music of increasing difficulty
— perform music from memory with greater confidence.
This method allows the student to perform based on a coordinated concept of movement, reaction, and attention—thus resulting in a performance based on a synergistic relationship of mind and body. Application of this method develops an innate sense of musical taste. 


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Beginner Students

The beginning student will focus their attention on an understanding of music theoretical principles, reading and hearing music. Additionally, the student will learn how to control their body through correct application of muscle behavior.

Intermediate Students

Based on successful and continued application of beginning performance pedagogy, the intermediate student will focus their attention on technique through the practice of scales, etudes and music of grater difficulty.

Advanced Students

Based on successful and continued application of intermediate performance pedagogy, the advanced student will focus their attention on a deeper understanding of musical aesthetics (philosophy of music).



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